Thursday, August 31, 2006

This glamorous life

You thought having a card company was all excitement and fun, didn't you? So how come I have spent the last SIX HOURS counting cards. Yes, it's stocktaking time - because in true Stripey Jumper fashion, we somehow managed to lose track of which designs we had and which needed reprinting. So now, as part of our drive towards ruthless efficiency we have set up a computerised system which will tell us exactly what we have in stock. This will free us up to get back to our champagne lifestyle.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bloody bears

Obviously it's just me. Every other month there is a new cute little bear/elephant/duck character rolled out by one of the big companies. I'm not sure who the target market is for these things, but I know it's not me. My heart does not melt when I see their simpering little faces. In fact, my overwhelming emotional reaction is one of hostility.
It's really two things that irk me about these cute likkle creatures. One, (or "Number One..." as we Americans say) the total absence of creativity. And two, their naked CYNICISM. They are sold as "lovable" and "precious", when their real purpose is to make a desperate grab at the huge stacks of cash pulled in by the current reigning cute character -- Tatty Teddy. Shame!
This morning, the latest copy of Greetings Today arrived. And guess what was on the front? Yes, a NEW cute bear character. Who looked exactly like all the others.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Here's what has been happening

We at Stripey Jumper apologise to all those who have been waiting for news. But here, briefly, is what has happened since our last update.
Liz visited Cath Tate in London ( who have licensed our Xmas version of "Things to Do" in addition to the birthday ones) and Pigment Productions in Harrogate ( who have licensed Amanda and Birthday Wishes). She'll be filing a report here soon.
We're getting ever closer to American distribution and should have news within a few weeks.
"Things to Do" and "Birthday Wishes" are about to be launched in New Zealand, while "Birthday Wishes" are going to be licensed by our Australian distributor.