Friday, November 24, 2006

Mike's first ever blog post.

Hi, I am the third person in the Stripey Jumper story, the sales guy. You know the one, never lets a 'no' worry him, always asking the question “shall I go ahead and order those cards for you", never gets offended and keeps calling and begging our clients to buy more cards.

I have been in media sales for 25 years and have heard pretty much all of the objections that anyone could throw at me. Whenever a client says 'no' to me I automatically think “know” - they want to know more and keep on going. When they say “what part of no do you not understand", then I know I have gone a little too far.

I must admit that the greetings card game is a whole new sales enviroment, and we have discovered that getting in front of distributors can be a challenge.

What I have learnt is that we had to go to them, and they were in the UK and around the world. We did and it seemed to have worked.

Enough of that sales speak for now and onto my favourite series of cards. My favourite range (of ours, anyway) is Birthday Wishes, specifically farting and Shopping. Keep an eye out for the new one on sports channels - that is me on the cover…


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