Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dave's favourite cards

Cute pictures of cats? Pah! Badly drawn teddy bears? Pah! again. Unfunny funny cards? Yet another Pah! Whatever happened to IDEAS?
Try THESE. Love you long time. Their designs woke me up from my total lack of enthusiasm for any cards other than ours. The illustrations are fantastic - fresh and cute, without being cutesy-cute (if you know what I mean) and the lines are spot-on.
My favourites? Their astrology range. Look out for them - they're fab.
As for other publishers - hmmm. After flicking through the trade mags, I'm struggling. Pigment's Venus and Mars cards are ones I'd probably buy, while Edward Monkton are consistently good. And Cath Tate's cards always make me laugh (even the ones she licenses from Stripey Jumper).


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