Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Gleeked. Or: Why Stripey Jumper don't have many lunch meetings

(A viper gleeking.)

GLEEK v. to squirt liquid (including saliva) through the teeth or from under the tongue; less commonly, squirting saliva directly from the saliva glands

Some time ago, the creative team of Stripey Jumper were at a VERY IMPORTANT LUNCH. Sitting over the table from us were: 1. The then-MD of one of the UK's top 5 card publishers, and 2. the co-owner of a top New Zealand card company (also close friend of MD).
It was our first meeting of this kind since SJ began, and we were suitably nervous and excited.
Things were progressing nicely, when I took a bite of fish. Chewing contentedly, I looked around to see Dave with a horrified expression on his face. I sensed the mood of the gathering had definitely gone a bit awkward.
Thankfully, it was only later that he told me what had happened.
I had gleeked (see definition) directly at the number 2 guest, who, being a very composed and well-bred individual, merely registered a look of gentle surprise.
We never did get to do a deal with either of them.


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