Monday, April 24, 2006

Creeping Desperation

I am now officially the saddest person ever. Never, ever did I think I would sink so low. This morning, I received an email invitation to join a recipe exchange. A mere two or three years ago I would have deleted this instantly with a dismissive sneer and without a second thought.

TODAY, however, I thought carefully of what my contribution would be. Pumpkin Risotto? Too fussy. Lentils with feta and mash? People don't really LIKE lentils, do they? Finally, I settled on the meal that offered the best value. Only 30 minutes to make, cheap ingredients, healthful, and very tasty. Pasta with Italian Beans and Veggies. I wrote up my recipe and emailed it out, as instructed, to 10 of my friends. Well, actually, that's not true. After a look in my computer's email address book, I discovered that I didn't have 10 friends. I didn't even have 5 friends. This meant I had to resort to including family members, all of whom, I now realize (too late), will get my email, shake their heads and delete it.

I blame New Zealand. Living here for seven years now, it was bound to have an effect. I would challenge others (who may think of themselves as pretty cool and with it) to live in a small village in NZ for as long as I have, and resist the excitement promised by an email recipe exchange.


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